In House or outsourced marketing?

When you are working to grow your business one of the biggest considerations you will ponder is if you should outsource your marketing or keep it in house. Today we will hop into the pros and cons of each.

In House Marketing Team

The benefits of an in house marketing is this is a dedicated team that is only working on your marketing strategy. They can be virtual or there in the office day to day. You can implement some lifestyle creatives more easily by having them there with you. There is one dedicated person or team of persons that can grow with the company. In house teams feel like you have greater control. 

The cons of an in house marketing team is knowing your marketing strategy is only as good as those on your team. Another con is the expense of having an in house marketing director may put financial strains on the company. Using family or friends to cut cost could also limit your results. Another con is there is nothing to compare your results too. You only have public reports and news articles that give you a small glimpse into what your competitors are doing. Software required to monitor your ads and the accompanying subscription fees start to add up quickly. Plus it’s hard to decipher what is a must have and what you can go without. Keeping up with ad optimizations can become cumbersome especially if you have a small marketing team. One person dedicated to implementing your whole marketing strategy can easily get overwhelmed and since their job is on the line you may be the last to find out that they are overwhelmed. Them going on vacation or taking sick days can impact the company greatly. If you find you have to let someone go you may find yourself ladled with handling all the marketing yourself until you find someone new. And anyone who has been in business knows finding talented persons is difficult to say the least.


Outsourced marketing teams

The benefits of having an outsourced marketing team is having systems already built in. An established marketing company has to handle several accounts and because of this they are going to have systems implemented to ensure each account is handled with care and implementation is a breeze as it’s usually not just one person handling it. Another benefit of working with a marketing team is they typically work together and have a bird’s eye view of what works in your industry. There is less throw it at the wall and see what works. Because marketing firms are team driven you will see ad creatives completed more quickly, and digital marketing campaigns that are more structured and organized. Once again they will have systems that make it easy for them to report to you what is working and what is not. Ad optimization will happen quicker. Experienced teams know better because of their experience when to adjust or remove an ad. Cost is less expensive than bringing on a marketing director. No sick leave or vacation time. Better communication can be found with outsourced teams because they are going to want you to have full confidence in their abilities and will provide robust reports that can show campaign progress. Strategy and testing to get to your wins in a clear and direct manner allowing you to know what’s happening. Outsources teams will cost less than one full time talented marketing director.


The cons of outsourcing include concerns over control. A marketing team is not your direct employee. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t have enough control. Also outsourced teams may not be available to you outside of normal business hours. Trust in their ability to deliver. You may not like that they are able to leverage their experience across accounts. 


An in house marketing team is an asset when it is filled with talented team members. If your company can’t afford the best in the industry to work directly for you then you may be shooting yourself in the foot by hiring based on who you can afford. Marketing is a skill and the best deliver results. Outsourcing gets you the most talented teams working on your behalf at a fraction of what a full time employee or in house team will cost you. They will have established systems in place to deliver you results. They will also have strategic reasoning in how they implement your marketing campaigns. With a marketing team outsourced you also leverage their ability to look across multiple accounts and know what works and what does not. Lastly, since their survival is based off the results they get you you will find the process to be more consultative in nature versus an employee that you may just tell what to do and they do it because they need to keep their position. If you are considering outsourcing then it may be worth it to set up a free consultation by clicking this link.