How you can spend less and get better results with the right digital marketing campaign?

Social media marketing can get very expensive especially when you count how many posts it will take for it to really have big impact. But you should not allow cost to determine the impact your social media marketing can have. 

There are a number of ways that you can collaborate with your social media marketing team in order to minimize costs but maximize the benefits. For starters we’d like to encourage a collaborative mindset. Being transparent with your social media manager about the financial constraints will help ease communication and allow you both to work together on a plan that will work for you both. 

Next you want to take a look at your chief objectives.   Many times as a client you are looking to do several things such as increase engagement, increase your following, create new leads. You may also want to do this across 3-5 different social media channels which all require a different format tailored to engage the users on that particular platform. 

One of the easiest ways to manage costs is to break the project down into bite size chunks. Create a hierarchy ranking what is most important down to what is least important. From there you will also want to limit the channels that focus your attention too. Better to be phenomenal and fully engaged on one channel than mediocre on all five. 

Most social media managers have pre-set packages but by having a dialogue you can see if they are open to discussing a project that gives you high impact within your budget. 

Here at More Marketing Firm we offer DIY (do it yourself) packages to fit this exact need. It allows you to get the content you need and minimizes the costs to the bare minimum. You can see package prices on this page. And if our DIY packages do not fit then let’s chat and see if we can find a package that does (404)835-0598.