1. How do I know if you are the right marketing team for my business? This is an excellent and valid question. With so many marketing companies it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose who to work with. And this is why we recommend setting up a consultation. We want to meet you and learn about your business. Just like you we want to ensure we can help. We only work with a select few clients. Part of the reason is because we are truly invested in the success of your business cause we know if you win we win. Click here to set up a free virtual consultation. 
  2. What type of businesses do you work with? We have worked with many types of businesses but our favorite is ecommerce and saas companies. 
  3. My business is not local. Can we still work together? Absolutely! All of our work is virtual and it’s rare especially in these times that we have to meet up in person.
  4. How do I get started? Sign up for a free consultation by going to the Contact page. That way we can learn more about your business and your objectives and see if we can help.
  5. What sort of returns can I expect? This is an excellent question that is multi-faceted. Since there is not one answer that would apply to all we cannot say across the board that everyone sees the same returns. At our initial consultation we will evaluate what your business does, your objectives, and your marketing budget. We also supply you with a competitive market analysis and data points to help gather a baseline. This will be our guiding force when implementing your marketing strategy.
  6. How does your 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee work? Allow us to work our magic for 90 days. If we have not hit the key performance indicators promised in your contract by day 90 (91 – 101 days is open period to make request). Email us  and choose between a refund of the 90 days of service fees or 90 day contract extension at no additional charge. It’s just that easy.
  7. Is there a long term contract? Nope. We operate month to month. However the best results are gotten from the clients that have been with us the longest.
  8. I don’t see my question. No worries shoot us an email at info@moremarketingfirm.com we are happy to answer any of your questions.
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