5 Reasons your cousin can’t keep running your marketing campaigns

Everyone knows someone that is a digital marketer. So as the founder of More Marketing Firm I am never surprised when a customer says my friend, cousin, or child does my social media marketing. This industry has one of the lowest barriers to entry and add to that a generation that has grown up on the internet and you will quickly get why any and everybody wants to call themselves a digital marketer. I am lambasted everyday with ads from self proclaimed millionaire’s in fancy cars standing in front of mansions and stating they got all this through their digital marketing company. And for $99 you can too.

Today let’s hop into why your (insert family member) cannot continue to run your digital marketing campaigns.

They don’t know what they are doing

I’m willing to bet in 78% of these cases you are their first client. You know how I know because I was once in the same position. The problem with this is you become their practice. And whether you are paying them a salary or not the company suffers as a result. 

Nothing To Compare

You have nothing to compare it to. Do me a favor and join one or two of these Facebook marketing groups. One of the first things you will notice is there is a lot of the blind leading the blind. I have seen some of the worse advice ever in these groups and I am willing to bet your family member is in there too trying to glean whatever they because they do not have the access we have.

They can’t talk to you

They can’t be honest with you. If you are their bread and butter and how rent gets paid then they cannot be honest with you. Survival is first for anyone. And if I have seen it once I have seen it a million times. The owner has a particular idea on what they want to execute. Family member is excited to get their first customer and together they form a pact. After some working together family member realizes that results are not coming in and they know you will notice but they are not sure how to talk to you about it without it looking bad on them. So they trudge along waiting on you to give them order on what to do next and the business suffers.

Are You Human With Money? You’re in!

They are not targeting correctly. Now this is something I see with newbies all the time. They think gender, income, and marital status are all the delineators needed to start a marketing campaign. And the biggest problem is that is way too broad. And will blow through a marketing budget quickly with little results.

No insider knowledge

You are both the example and the comparison. Let’s say your cousin is really the most talented person and you know in your heart of heart’s that they will figure it out the bigger problem is they have only you to compare to. They can’t get a birds eye view of whats going on so they can’t readily diagnose. 

Here is the good news

We have a program that will get your marketing up running and bringing in sales and the best benefit is it has a built in exit process where we train yourself or your team member so that you can manage your marketing in house. We have found this program to be so well received and the collaboration also allows for your family or team member to have a reliable resource when issues pop up. To discuss our collaboration schedule a free meeting.