How to work with your digital marketing firm for a seamless experience

Want to make sure you get the most out of your partnership with a digital marketing team? This article is going to help create a framework for working with any digital marketing team so that you as a business owner get the most value. Also we are going to discuss where we as digital marketers see room for improvement.

Get Clear Your Objectives

By getting clear deliverables you can accurately assess whether a marketing firm is delivering. We at More Marketing Firm like to use SMART goals.  This well known acronym helps us create a framework that makes clear as your marketing team what is expected, what time frame, and what the objective is.

Submit Written Approvals In A Timely Manner

Nothing slows a digital marketing team down more than waiting on  approvals from you as the owner. The quicker we are given the go ahead the sooner we can implement your marketing strategy. To keep things crystal clear and avoid confusion here at More Marketing Firm we always request written approval. Also we discuss during onboarding what you are ok with us taking the lead on and what you want us to get approval from you on. This save time and money in the long run.

Don’t constantly skip or reschedule meetings

Make time to meet with your marketing team. We tailor meetings to your schedule but have noticed our happiest clients are the ones that are not canceling and re-scheduling all the time. Meetings are where we can discuss progress and strategy and answer any of your questions. A lot gets flushed out in meetings and so it’s critical that we meet quarterly.

Don’t Get Behind On Payments

Pay your bill on time.  It may seem it goes without saying but we are business owners just like you. With More Marketing Firm we take the stress out of this area by offering automated monthly billing. 

Air out concerns

Tell us when you have a concern. As the founder of More Marketing Firm I have found just being able to air out concerns not only relieves tension but it helps make sure we are all on the same page. I never take personal grievances or doubts. Actually I get it completely as an entrepreneur for the last 14 years I know how loud doubts in our head can get as you are pouring money into your business. There is this space between implementation and results that can send anxiety through the roof. And having a dialogue about how you are feeling is not only ok but encouraged. 

This marketing firm was started out of the need for a results oriented marketing firm that was relatable and affordable. We care about your results and we care about the relationships we build with our clients. If you are in the market for a digital marketing firm schedule a free consultation. We limit the number of clients we take on to ensure client satisfaction.