7 Powerful Advantages to outsourcing your marketing to a results oriented digital marketing team

Marketing firms have one job. Get. You. Sales. Now how we go about that will vary depending on the stage your company is at and your over arching objective. Be that build brand awareness, fill sales funnel, get more website traffic, and the list goes on. 

  1. Strategy. Give me an ax and 4 hours to cut down a tree and I will spend 3 hours sharpening my ax. What are we getting at is a results oriented marketing team will focus on strategy first and implementation 2nd. Many small business owners say we need more sales and then they start implementing all these scattered ads. Talented digital marketing teams know how to use data to create effective strategies.
  2. Ads That Work. Marketing firms know that rule number one is to create ad that work. This means the ad copy and creative are carefully chosen based off of what gets results. Many times small business owners are swamped with too many tasks to give their marketing the level of attention it needs.
  3. Optimization. Did you know that once you start testing your ads then you need to work to optimize them? A simplistic view is adjusting where needed. Killing non-converting ads. Most small business owners set it and forget it until they get frustrated because their ads are not delivering.
  4. Integrations. The right integrations create workflows to smoothly add customers into your sales funnel. Marketing firms will help implement or recommend the best integrations so that the system is fluid. Many times small business owners get a rush of customers and their systems are too hands on which gets them backlogged and with dissatisfied customers.
  5. Reporting. Tracking the progress of your marketing firm is easy as most do monthly reports to give you a quick at glance way to see the results they have gotten for you. Compare this with your internal stats to ensure delivery. Many small business owners “want” reports but it’s also important that the data is easily digestible so you can easily see if adjustments need to be made.
  6. Bird’s Eye View. A marketing firm will have the advantage of being able to leverage their knowledge across all the accounts they view. They will have a bird’s eye view which will lead to less reactive changes to your marketing strategy. Many small business owners cut their ads too soon and because they do not have a third party with more experience to chat with they don’t realize they are cutting the ad sooner than they should.
  7. They only win when you win. This is the best part. A winning marketing team only wins when you win. They are tied together. They know that you will make your decision on whether to keep them or not based on their performance making them better than an employee.
If you are considering hiring a digital marketing firm schedule a chat with us. If there is space available we would love the opportunity to service you.