Our story

We understand that a business’s success relies on its ability to connect with customers.

Based out of Atlanta, MMF is made up of digital ad strategists, and graphic designers who use a mixture of advertising models for each client in order to get results like increased conversions or revenue growth.

Our founder, Ivory Coats, curated this high-functioning team in order to deliver maximum results to online store owners. As a serial entrepreneur, she was fed up with not seeing results from the agencies she hired. She was tired of them over-selling and underdelivering. 

More Marketing Firm was born. We know the e-commerce space because we live and breathe it. We run our own entities and get to test strategies on our own brands. This allows us to know what it feels like to spend our own money to build a successful brand. And also what it feels like to build a brand from scratch. In addition, it allows us to work with a select group of entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business to the next level. 

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