90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you will love our service that we back it up with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!

  1. Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your business objectives.
  2. 90 Days begins after contract signed &  payment submitted.
  3. Allow us to work our magic for 90 days. If we have not hit the key performance indicators promised in your contract by day 90 (91 – 101 days is open period to make request) 
  4. Email us  and choose between a refund of the 90 days of service fees or 90 day contract extension at no additional charge.
  5. It’s just that easy.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Our satisfaction guarantee never guarantees a specific number of sales. No one can guarantee sales. 
  2. Specific KPI’s will be designated and signed by both parties.
  3. This guarantee applies to paid social media advertising only. It does not apply to graphic design, call center, or social media management.
  4. Ad spend cannot be reduced for the entire 90 day period. 
  5. Ads turned off due to non-payment by the vendor (i.e. Facebook unable to process your card for ad spend) will preclude guarantee.
  6. Ad modification requests must be minimized. This applies once an ad is running. You will approve ads but once they are running they need to be allowed time to do what they do. For example: Not seeing sales in 24 hours is not a reason to panic. Let’s allow it time to run and know that we are monitoring your account closely.
  7. Account must be in good standing. Account cannot be in arrears to exercise guarantee.
  8. Refund applies only to the monthly service fee. Does not include ad spend paid direct to vendor. i.e. Facebook or Google. Or any additional services of our you use.
  9. All rights reserved.

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