5 surprisingly simple ways to increase your sales this season

Today we are going to jump into 5 simple ways you can increase sales. We have found most business owners either are not aware of or underutilize. We are not going to talk about discounting your pricing because that is usually the go to for most and while it seems the most obvious, if you are a small business owner then decreasing your margins can have a negative impact on your bottom line. Also we don’t believe in discounting. As an agency we are a higher end service and our costs don’t go down even if our prices did. So let’s hop into some other value building strategies that can help you with increasing sales.

First on the docket is referrals. Now I know some of you reading this will roll your eyes because you know about referrals and you get them but hear us out. We are not just talking about client referrals. Those are nice but sporadic at best. We are specifically speaking about partnership referrals. Finding parallel businesses that serve the same clientele you do but in a different way. You both service the same client type and it makes sense that opportunities arise where a solid referral is the best way to help a customer. The key here is relationship building. The biggest concern with business referrals is the referrer is often concerned about the other person dropping the ball. This reflects badly on them and diminishes their reputation. On the flip side if you do a spectacular job with the leads sent over they will gladly send you more. Everyone wants to be known to know the right people and we still lean on a good referral in every industry. This also works with ecommerce businesses. Finding businesses that connect to the same customer type and sending traffic to each others stores. A small banner in the next set of emails they send to your product and now you have a whole new traffic flow on your website.

Adding something of high perceived value but at low cost to yourself. This may take some creativity but it can be a differentiator when applied correctly. Adding in an item or service that is high perceived value but low cost can build customer loyalty and be a limited time promotion. By adding a time limit you encourage potential clients to buy now or miss out. Be sure to share it in your email list and in your ads as repetition works best here. This can work in a retail or service based business.

Hit the pain point on the head. Many people skirt around or have not made themselves aware of the friction that keeps their customers from buying from them. If you don’t know it’s definitely something you are going to want to know as knowledge is power. Then for your bottom of funnel potential clients you want to address the biggest friction stopping them. Be factual. Be understanding. Be ready to close the sale. No matter whether you have a service based business or a retail there are frictions or assumptions that people are making that are keeping them from buying. By being aware and addressing you are removing the final stopping point to making a sale.

Join niche groups. Now we aren’t asking you to hop in a group and be all spammy. Everybody hates that person. But we have closed many new clients ourselves just by presenting our services when it was asked for. Groups can be found all over the internet including in Facebook. And typically what happens is a person goes in the group to either ask for recommendations or they have an honest question for the group that leans into your expertise. By simply replying with a well thought out answer you not only impress the author of the post who may reach out to you but others reading the posts curiosity is drawn in as well. It’s not as time consuming as it may seem but it does take a vigilant eye for when these posts happen.

Leverage micro influencers. We use micro influencers more than their larger coutnerparts because they deliver value and they tend to have a very dedicated audience. They are relatable and most business owners don’t realize you don’t have to use their audience at all if you don’t want to. You can hire them to just do an unboxing or product review that you can add to your website or social media feed. User content is very big right now and can lead to sales of your product or service.

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you are in need of a good social media marketing team then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 404-835-0598 we have agents standing by 24/7.